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California and Oregon
Young Adult Therapist 

I remember young adulthood being filled with many contradictory experiences and emotions. It can be a time of amazing new freedoms, experiences, friendship, partners, and experiencing life on your own for the first time. It can also be a time filled with worry, self-doubt, deep personal questioning of who you are and what you should do with you life, heartache, loss, and navigating life transitions. Therapy can help you makes sense of these experiences, assist you in better understand yourself, help you find self direction and heal some of the places that need support.


I help young adults get in touch with themselves and support them in healing hurts and navigating young adulthood.


Some of my specialized focuses in working with young adults are:


Getting In Touch and Organizing Big Emotions:

I can help you explore the challenging emotions and life experiences that might be leading to anxiety, depression, anger, and unfulfilling relationships or help you navigate the experiences of loss, grief, pain, and suffering. By grounding and organizing our thoughts and emotional world we can begin to build the awareness and tools to move through them and heal. 


Self-Examining/ Self- Exploration:

Have you ever asked your-self who am I, what is my purpose, what should I do with my life, how do I decide what to do with my life, am I messing everything up, am I doing this for myself or my parents? Therapy can help you answer these questions while teaching you what is best for you.  


Disappointment/ Grief/ Uncertainty: When life doesn’t look the way you hoped or planned. Maybe you are experiencing the sudden loss of a loved one, the disappointment over a failed relationship, or feeling uncertain about a new partner. The feelings associated with these experiences are hard to cope with on your own. Counseling can assist you in processing these challenging life events. 

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