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California and Oregon
EMDR Therapist 

As a clinician certified in EMDR I love assisting clients of all ages in moving through pain caused by trauma, painful experiences, and upsetting memories. EMDR has the ability to shift and integrate old wounds in a profound and meaningful way. 


I offer EMDR treatment in two ways within my practice. It can be used as short-term, stand-alone service for a specific issue (4-10 sessions ) or I integrate it into longer treatment as issues and concerns arise within the context of weekly sessions. EMDR is an accelerated form of therapeutic processing and while not suitable for everyone, can be a wonderful modality for many. 

Some of my specialized focuses in EMDR are:


Interpersonal and Relational Challenges:  Relationships are often the catalyst for stirring up past “stuff.” This might present itself as fear of judgement by your partner or family, not being able to fully commit to a partner, feeling triggered or emotional by something a partner does or says, not being able to fully trust due to past hurts, or not feeling worthy of love, etc. EMDR can be extremely beneficial at unlocking these past wounds, healing, and integrating these area and in turn lead to deeper, healthier, more fulfilling relationships with self and others.



Anxiety and Fear: Anxiety is a very common form of stress and leaves a person feeling jittery, on edge, or paralyzed. Anxiety is a extreme sense of fear and worry. EMDR can help unlock the root of these fears and assist a client in moving through them. Common areas of anxiety I have worked with using EMDR include the fear of death, public speaking, driving after an accident, test anxiety, flying in planes, and fear and worry after natural disasters and life altering events. 


Abuse and Assault: EMDR is quite beneficial for anyone who has experienced any kind of abuse and assault and feels ready, willing and able to work through those memories. I have worked on the deeply rooted traumatic experiences of emotional, sexual, and physical abuse and assault. 

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